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Wuji Gong exercises for acupuncturists to improve their inner Gong acupuncture skill. This set is taught as part of the Hunyuan Certification Course.

Hunyuan Wuji Gong

8 exercises for Hunyuan Wuji acupuncture

1。無機 Wu Ji Becoming One with Principle
2。混元 Hun Yuan Mixed (polarity in) Origin
3。 正心 Zheng Xin Proper Heart
4。誠意 Cheng Yi Sincere Intention (Sincere body)
5。格物 Ge Wu Sorting (away) desires
6。知止 Zhi Zhi Knowing the Origin Point
7。定靜安 Ding Jing An Fixed (heart) Calm (mind) Peaceful (nature)
8。止至善 Origin Yields Goodness

Longevity massage (can be used as preparation for Wuji Gong)

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