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PostHeaderIcon Hunyuan in Portugal October 13-15, 2017

When: October 13-15, 2017

Where: Portugal

Contact and more details coming soon.

Classical Chinese Medicine in Clinical Practice – Hunyuan Method

· Introduction and historical references

· Hunyuan Medicine o Reasons to use it o Definition o Comparison to other styles

· The 6 layers o The concept of 6 parts of the circle (body versus unification) o Analysis of each part of the circle (tai yang, shao yang, etc.) o Symptoms of each part

· Clinical diagnosis o Diagnosis of body versus unification o Treatment according to the 6 layers

· Classical Techniques - Hunyuan o Single Hunyuan herbs o Formulas and modifications o Hunyuan acupuncture chart o Acupuncture guidelines

· Xinfa - Heart method o The heart method o Ways of applying it o The role of heart

· Prescription of Chinese herbal medicine <

Through his extensive clinical experience and studies of Classical Chinese Medicine, Yaron Seidman is the best person to explain the deep insights from the classics of Chinese Medicine. Yaron Seidman makes a bridge between his vast theoretical knowledge and his clinical experience, making it possible to explain us how to diagnose and treat our patients using the classical principles of Chinese Medicine. This course is directed to those who aim at deepen their knowledge about Chinese Medicine in a well-sustained way. Hunyuan method is very practical and the theory and the application are very tightly attached, making the clinical efficacy and accuracy be on a very different level. It is a very deep course and a golden opportunity to change the way we apply Chinese Medicine.

Previous Yaron Seidman seminars had a 99 % satisfaction rate.

“When the theory is very clear the application always work.” Yaron Seidman