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Xinfa Center, what is it?

An online preventative and educational healthcare center.

Live sessions: Hunyuan practitioners and Xinfa Center fellows lead a live open session weekly, explaining health related topics for 10-15 minutes and then allowing time for questions and answers.

In addition, the lecture segment of most sessions are recorded and can be viewed at anytime in the center's archives.

Other activities: forums, live chat and support groups in which we discuss heart cultivation, meditation, and natural treatment modalities; diet, herbs, exercise, medicine, home remedies, latest research and much more.

Questions may be directed to the session's topic but may also include other health related issues, personal concerns, request for home remedies, do-it-yourself tips and advice.

How does the center operates?

The center's goal is to provide preventative and educational healthcare.

We join a group of dedicated Hunyuan practitioners and fellows from around the world, who facilitate in this online center a vision to help people become healthy in a natural way. Here one learns how to maintain health and prolong life, become stronger and happier.

How can I participate?

Enrolling in the Xinfa Center is as affordable as $1/day and has the following payment plans:

Monthly subscription $50

Annual Subscription $360 ($30/month)


After you subscribe above, register to the Xinfa Center and wait for an email confirming your membership as 'active'.


Where is the live sessions' schedule?

You will find the lectures schedule at the top navigation as 'personal agenda'.

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Disclaimer: preventative educational sessions and home remedy recommendations are not a substitute for proper medical care, if needed. If you have an emergency seek help from a local practitioner or a doctor. By using the Xinfa Center you acknowledge that you have read and understood this disclaimer.

Questions? Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more info.

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