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Xinfa research by Vita Revelli

This paper attempts to contribute to Hunyuan medicine by investigating the Hunyaun Xinfa method from the perspective of holding the 5 Virtues as coordinates that help a person to navigate life. It demonstrates how this approach can shape a deeper common healing space, in which both the practitioner and the patient can connect on a level of dialogue free from socio-cultural subjective and variable referents, believes and convictions.

By arguing that a necessary step to move in this direction in the clinic is that practitioners are trained in this art as part of their curriculum, this paper intends to show how those who strive to connect constantly to the 5 Virtues of sincerity, wisdom, propriety, uprightness and benevolence as coordinates to navigate life, can more easily tap into a patient’s inner world and guide him or her to refine their approach to life. Through operating from a level of personal experience, a practitioner can better help the patient to also cultivate this art in order to achieve greater peace and, even, heal the physical body or prevent it from succumbing to illness in the future.

As for the practical approach examined here, it is based on the ‘heart sorting’ technique, suggested by the ancient Chinese philosophers, coupled with simple exercises. For instance, exercises that help developing i.e. benevolence in relationships help the patient to plug into positive thoughts and emotions. This  in turns, helps the body to align with Centre, Tao heart.

Compared with material therapy i.e acupuncture or herbs, this method seems to yield greater and deeper benefits to patients. In fact, even when their initial motivation for attending the clinic is some kind of physical ailments or other, often, only by sorting the heart, tangible results appear in the physical body right from the first  few sessions.

To this end, this research records some case histories, where the author has applied this method successfully both in training and in the clinic. They show some practical ways of applying this method to help alleviating mental, emotional and, even, physical conditions. It also discusses some cases where this method was not successful and try to outline the possible reasons  for the outcome not being as  planned and expected.

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