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by Lois Nethery

Background: Many couples who enter the IVF system find themselves pulled into repeating cycle after cycle, with little break in between. Two main factors create this situation:
a) "the numbers" - when likelihood of success is presented as a percentage per cycle, then it seems compelling to continue as doing more cycles looks like it would lead lead to higher chance of success over time
b) "old eggs" - many women feel a great pressure when presented with statistics of pregnancy after the age of 35. Because age is a variable that is not modifiable, this lack of control translates into stress and creates a pressure to "keep going" with IVF cycles
Objective: To help couples already in the IVF system to ensure that each IVF cycle undertaken is done so with the best preparation possible. Couples will be encouraged to take a break between cycles and undergo a program of Hunyuan treatment and education/ counselling to counteract the above factors:
a) "the numbers" - acknowledging that the IVF process has a large and cumulative impact on the body, so that "the numbers" may not apply when cycles are taken back-to-back. The intervention will teach couples how to focus on the current cycle, maximising health and wellbeing before the drugs begin, and recovering properly after the drug phase, so that the likelihood of success of the current cycle is increased.
b) education on the related concepts of pivot and recharging. Using Hunyuan treatment (herbal medicine, acupuncture and Xinfa) to strengthen pivot and recharging and teaching patients how to assess improvements in their own recharging ability, to increase confidence that the pivot (fertile potential) is increasing.
Assessment: Qualitative assessment (interviews and/or open-ended questionnaires) to determine the impact of the intervention on the couple's quality of life and confidence in their own health, and to find out whether couples find this approach a useful way to undertake IVF treatment.

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